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Heyme creates and performs solo using a loop station to create a basic track, over which other tracks are played, recording while layering on top of these. These turned into a the release Noise From The Attic, published on Jezus Factory Records in the UK January 2019, as a 9 track vinyl version and 10 track CD version.

In August 2019 a short instrumental album was released on Jezus Factory Records, Reverberations From Prague, featuring 12 tracks as played on the Prague Fringe Festival 2019 with Imogen Stirling on her Theater play #Hypocrisy.

In March 2021 Escape Velocity was released, an ambient instrumental album, depicted as the soundtrack of an as yet non-existing SCIFI movie. This will be followed by Moving On, an album of songs which is the follow-up of Noise From The Attic.

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“snozzled oozing Roxy Music and Hansa Studio Bowie saxophone, forlorn northern European melodies and chugging guitar. Within those perimeters the moody attic troubadour of alternative lo fi brooding pop does a Sparks, on ‘Klara’, evokes 70s era Floyd, on the mentally fatiguing ‘Paranoid’, adopts Blixa Bargeld’s tonsils and trans-European malady, on ‘Where She Goes (She Goes)’, and channels Eno’s ‘Another Green World’, on the far from discordant row, ‘Noisz’. Fans of the solo work of the former dEUS guitar triumvirate of Rudy Trouve, Mauro Pawlowski and Craig Ward will find a fourth such inspired maverick to add to the list.” – Monolith Cocktail

“Mash up of Post Rock and Jazz (with a bit of early Eno in the mix). A work of genius” – Thee Psychedelicatessen 

A three tracker headed up by ‘paranoid’, a sub six minute shadow land prowler whose edgy psychosis darkly ruminates restlessly with a withering weaving that places it somewhere in the icy abandon of Roxy’s ‘in every dream house a heartache’ with Tuxedomoon for company. ‘freeze’ on the other hand, despite its title, is substantially lighter by contrast, smoky and warming much like a campfire cosy, disarmingly intimate and yet vulnerable and honeyed in vocal quivers, breezed brass, hushed harmonies and woody aromatics. Rounding out matters, ‘Cruising’ – just between you and me, our favourite moment by the trailing part of a hushed whisper, is possessed, as the title might hint, of a blissful seafaring persona, something which for the second time this evening, had us much minded to go scampering off in search of Toshack Highway platters, notably on this occasion, his first. – The Sunday Experience


IH8 Camera

I H8 Camera was called to life for occasions when one (or 2) of the Love Substitutes members would be absent and still there was a chance on playing. IH8 Camera is fully, 100%, improvisation.

Musicians participating all pretty much know each other from the Belgian scene, have a good feel for each others’ style, give each other space, and when things tend to get out of hand or get boring someone will orchestrate and change what’s happening.

Craig Ward recorded many sessions, and mixed these into full CD releases, and 1 live CD was recorded on the Burg Herzberg festival in Germany.

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