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About Heyme

A master of improvisation and a multi-instrumentalist, Heyme spent the 90’s touring
Europe with various bands, performing at festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, and opening for musicians such as Iggy Pop.
Heyme leverages his improvisational background to bring unique freshness and authenticity to each song. He builds tracks using his loop station and improvises over riffs with voice guitar, saxophone, trumpet and keyboard.
Heyme’s tracks set you up for an atmospheric experience with jazzy vibes.

His first vinyl release Noise From The Attic was published on Jezus Factory Records in the UK January 2019.

In August 2019 a short instrumental album was released on Jezus Factory Records, Reverberations From Prague, featuring 12 tracks as played on the Prague Fringe Festival 2019 with Imogen Stirling on her Theater play #Hypocrisy.

In March 2021 Escape Velocity was released, an ambient instrumental album, depicted as the soundtrack of an as yet non-existing SCIFI movie. This will be followed by Moving On, an album of songs which is the follow-up of Noise From The Attic.

He is currently based in Prague, and still plays with his own solo material as Heyme, and as a duo with the Zandloopers.
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About the Zandloopers
Zandloopers are Maarten Crefcoeur on Piano, Guitar and effects.
Heyme Langbroek on Saxophone, trumpet & loop station.
They improvise a lot, loop our tunes, and improvise more on top.
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/zandloopers

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