Kiss My Jazz

Kiss My Jazz groups photo 1996 Gazet Van Antwerpen

In 1993 Heyme went to visit Heaven Hotel, then the Home of Rudy Trouve, Jacky Billet and Dirk Belmans(Bassie) , and started jamming in the cellars.
Their very first gig as Kiss My Jazz was on the opening of a mutual exhibition of Jacki, Rudy and Bassie, in a bar next to the red-light district in Antwerp, improvised over the screening of a self-made artistic movie.

Sort of a core of musicians were formed which were crucial for the development and live-perfomings of the band, with many guests showing up when available. The first gigs were done, and demos made by Rudy Trouvé (voice and guitar), Jacki Billet (Bass), Aarich Jepers (drums), Heyme Langbroek (trumpet), Elko Blijweert (guitar) and Stef Kamil Carlens (keyboard, percsussion, voice).. Many guests were involved in the making of the CD’s and appeared regularly on stage at live-gigs, among who David Robertson (voice), Mark Meyers (voice & guitar), Mauro Pawlowski, Buni & Lenski, Dirk D’Hooghe, Sheneik, Matthias Broeckaerts and more. On their legendary gig in the ballroom of the vooruit in Gent also Mark Ribot played along.

Kiss My Jazz released 3 full CD’s, 1 10″ vinyl and several singles. The last tour was done in January 2000.